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October 26, 2023
Side Table


Side tables are versatile furniture elements that can improve both the look and function of any space. These frequently overlooked treasures provide a chance to bring your individual style into the design of your home. Styling side tables is an art that can completely change the style of your living rooms, whether you're going for a minimalist, rustic, or unique look. The ideas in this blog will help you style side tables like a pro and make them eye-catching feature pieces in your home. Prepare to unleash your creativity and give your living spaces a fresh lease on life with the help of side table styling!

Side table styling

1. Start with function

Styling a side table according to its function is a great way to ensure that it not only looks good but also serves a practical purpose in your space. If you are planning to style a reading nook side table, add a reading light for focused lighting. Using decorative items like sculptures, figurines or vases will is they key to enhance your living room accent table. For your bedside tables, don't forget to consider tables with drawers and a very soft, warm lighting. Remember that styling this way will help you with your daily tasks and improve your productivity.

2. Add texture and height

Texture and height form the best combination when it comes to styling! This not only enhances the visual appeal but also brings a sense of sophistication and personality to your space. Make a stack of your favorite books , varying in height. You can top them with any decorative item or a small house plant. Using a lamp to add height is great too. Use it as a center piece. Height and drama can be achieved by filling tall vases with artificial blooms or long, slender stems. Remember to balance these elements and avoid overcrowding the table.

3. Style with the things that you love

Styling a side table with the things you love is a wonderful way to infuse your personality into your home décor. You can display small souvenirs or items collected from your travels. Showcase related items of your hobby. For example, if you love music, place a small instrument you play or sheet of your favorite music. Add some of your handmade artworks, like paintings or drawings. Use your collections as decorations. Remember, the key is to create a display that brings you joy and represents your individual style.

4. Add a dash of green

With a thoughtful approach, incorporating house plants into your side table décor can bring a breath of fresh air and natural beauty into your home. Consider the size of your side table when selecting a plant. Choose plants that can survive in the available light conditions of the space. Use planters that complement the style and color scheme of your room. You can also combine plants with different leaf textures for a more dynamic display. Adding a dash of green to your space is a game-changer!

5. Less is MORE

Remember that the essence of minimalism is to focus on what truly matters and eliminate the unnecessary. Look for a clean, simple side table design. They often feature basic shapes and simple lines. Choose a neutral color palette for a calm and cohesive look. Incorporate a small potted plant for a touch of nature. Invest in high-quality, timeless items. Practice mindful placement. Arrange items deliberately, considering the spot and the function of the side table. By doing these principles, you can create a minimalist side table that exudes simplicity and sophistication while serving its intended purpose.

Side-table styling